by Soleil et Lune

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.mp3Neptune a great album with lots of well executed motifs. it's lyrically bright and nicely paced. Favorite track: Art of an Escapist.
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Self-produced album


released May 28, 2016

Noah Wood (guitars, bass, drums, cello, piano, vocals, recording, production)

Album art: Brighton Ziegler



all rights reserved


Soleil et Lune Salt Lake City, Utah

indie rock, art rock band from SLC, UT.

Music Video for "Rain" here: youtu.be/iWE11M1dZNw

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Track Name: New Flow
This time I'll be not waiting for the rest of this dream to come true.
And soon I'll see, what's worth of my work I have to come true.

Endless feathers ruffled.
It flows as well as it should be; seeing things quite clearly so I can live free and new.

Fed up with anger, misdirected and resenting me. Yet, I could be the blame.
It's all on me, only my second thoughts could bring me down.
Yes, soon I'll see, what it truly means to be happy.

It flows well.
Track Name: Elegy
Last remembered, the feeling strikes of the one they loved.
Joyous feelings hard to reach, for the one, they lost.
Please remember the times we've had, not the time that's lost.
Yet they stand still and hear they weep, for their sun is gone.

It takes time, it takes you higher. And in time, you'll be fine.

Let's remember the times we had not the time that's lost.
Joyous feelings hard to reach, for the one, they lost.

Now watch your time slip away.
Now watch as time drifts away.
Track Name: Dishonesty
I gave you all of me.
Now I'm not who I used to be.
Destroyed with dishonesty.
Yet it was all that I could see.

Oh, the road is long and winding but I can take it. I'll walk this road alone for all I know. I'll make it back from here, make it back home.

I find it hard to see.
What contingency to believe.
It's not so clear to me.
If some things at all are meant to be.
Track Name: Despondency
That's how it goes, in time we'll all grow old.
Tell how you know, you've done well for those that you know, you've closed all eyes to your own.

Fake, that's all you know.
Faded mind it shows.
Hate, I'd hate to know.
The pain, your life knows.

And I can't hear, through the noise of your sphere.
And I can't fear, all these things that I hold dear.
Don't make it stop what I have here.
Track Name: Pop Punk
I saw you there, thought it'd be best to know you well.
Green eyes green ties to what we live for
Represented right to what we dream.
Failure and hurt, broken pieces lying on the ground
Struggling just to pick them up myself
You extend your hand and show me help.

So why do I push back? Forced into, send help, you were the help I always need, read me another endless story and we'll be soaring far away from here.

Sit tight with a little light step the show has only started to be departing
I had to face facts and put a feather in my step
I said goodbye to starting to feeling sorry and I.
I want to thank you for making me feel so new.

Hate, I can't believe you found me from the void.
Take, now take me far from all this and the noise.

This time, you said it'd be okay, it'd be okay.
Track Name: Garage Rock
I'm pushing forward and I never want to be like that again.
I hate to see this but I never want to see you again.

And the first's so bad.
A foreign red hue, this foreign red hue will forget you.
Surreal and real, this foreign red hue will forget you.

Now I think it's time you know I'm not quite who you thought I am.
I hate to say this but you'll never really get to know who I am.

Birds are soaring by, we are whole and divine.
Track Name: Romanticism of an Idealist
We all need talk in tongues.
Striving to feel understood.
We all feel alone.
Struggling to feel at home.

We're all the same.
Dreams are based on life we see.
Romance (Romanticism) it is, dreams of what we can be.
Aim to bring to entity.

Dreaming feet must touch the ground.
Bring your head out from the clouds.

We all need love.
Love for everything.
We need the sun.
The earth the moon and the stars.
Track Name: Art of an Escapist
When I think to long, it's all a facade and I can't break through.
And I've got this far but I don't know the truth and I hate the truth.

(And in time we'll a way to happy days)
Oh, and what's the use after all this time.
Oh, sprawled out in dark I'll find myself in time.

We'll all mask our thoughts this game is wrong for us, now I know the truth.
And we fight for all our lives but all for what?
Track Name: Impromptu
The underlying balance of nature
Track Name: Fatigue
I have given too much.
Tired eyes, ripe with experience.
My surprise, I stay evaded.
Tuned out, acknowledge.

Lost in thought, I've come to know.
Holding on and letting go.

Dream space wanderer, the ground is cold and lonely.
Track Name: Sublime
I've been thinking about the past you know it doesn't look so bad.
I fought my way through all the sad stories never end so bad.
I recognize you feel the pain but that's okay we're all the same.
Elemental existential all the pain is ball and chain.

Ominous and beautiful.
Dreamer's toes don't touch the ground.

I see the stars I feel the sun I feel the ground beneath my feet.
Yet I feel there's something better keep those feet there on concrete.
Is contentment just a lie or is complacency what we see.
Can we really ever get all the things we dream and think?